What Makes a Meal Teen-Friendly?

Note: This post is written for adults cooking to their kids. If you’re a teen and you don’t know how to cook for other people your age, well, Teen-Recipes.com is your place for these recipes. Or, browse around this blog!

Cooking for teens is, well, difficult. I should know – I happen to be a difficult teenager at times too. Want to know how to make anything you cook accepted by teenagers? Let’s dive on in. Studies have shown that as people age, their senses gradually diminish in acuity. This is actually the reason why kids often like things adults don’t like, and vice versa! Simply put, food taste spicier to kids than adults. Obviously this isn’t true for all foods, but knowing this can actually help you decide what and what not to make.

Think back to when you were a teen. What did you like to eat? Genetics also plays a major role in what your kids do or don’t like to eat. Also, as a general rule, don’t make a meal using ingredients you’ve never heard of when cooking for teens. If it’s not been in the public eye, there’s probably a good reason for it. Keep it simple.

Above all, make sure you like the meal too. It’s not just your kids that are important here! As just one more rule-of-thumb, find something your kids like that is: A – Easy to make, and B – Something that doesn’t really get old. A great example of this is pasta, of which almost every kid likes, is very easy to make, and is time-less. For recipe ideas incorporating these key fundamentals, check out www.teen-recipes.com.


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